Headlining the 2014 RFF along with Sam Roberts Band, Indigo Girls, Los Lobos, Joel Plaskett and many more!



Headlining the 2014 RFF alongside Serena Ryder, Indigo Girls, Los Lobos, Joel Plaskett and many more!



Headlining 2014 RFF alongside Serena Ryder, Sam Roberts Band, Los Lobos, Joel Plaskett and many others!



Headlining the 2014 RFF along with Serena Ryder, Indigo Girls, Sam Roberts Band, Joel Plaskett and many more!


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Thu, April 17th, 2014 18 Feb 2014

Kat Danser Ticket Contest

Presented in association with The Artesian, we are very pleased to have Kat Danser back to Regina.

Enter this contest, and you could win two tickets to her show at The Exchange on Saturday, February 22nd. 

A national touring and award-winning artist, Kat Danser has performed at many major music, blues, and folk festivals across Canada.  Kat Danser’s music navigates a paddle steamer from the muddy banks of the Mississippi Delta downriver toward a big ol’ full moon over New Orleans. Dubbed ‘Queen of the Swamp Blues’, this Edmonton-based guitarist, songwriter, and vocalist channels the spirit of pioneers of roots, blues and spiritual music. “… conjures the deep blues of more southern climes – if not the very Crossroads where the blues began – Danser proves a talent that doesn’t come along often.” Eric Thom – Maverick UK


Thu, April 17th, 2014 17 Jan 2014

Request for Proposal: RFF Fundraising Strategy

The Regina Folk Festival welcomes you to submit a proposal for the development of a comprehensive fundraising strategy for the organization.

The closing date for submission of questions is before 5:00pm, January 31st and final submissions before 5:00pm, February 7th.

Please take a look at the RFP:

Fundraising RFP.pdf

Thu, April 17th, 2014 07 Jan 2014

RFF Lovers Contest Winner

Thank you to everyone who participated in our RFF Lovers Contest! We have selected a winner randomly, though truly, each story submitted was lovely.

Hannah Molloy from Saskatoon says, 

"Love is an individual walking into your life unexpectedly. Tip toeing into your heart to help mend any broken bits. This love overwhelmed me with child-like butterflies when we met at RFF 2012. His name was Taylor and he had me with his beautiful smile and free spirit. Introduced to by friends on the Saturday night of RFF we laughed at our surprising connections. Graduating from the same high school only a few years apart and sharing several mutual friends, we couldn't believe we hadn't met earlier. A strong believer of fate with a sombre heart at the time, I was a girl who knew this boy was entering her life that night for a reason! And what a fun setting for our first date-dancing to the lively sound of Stars on a warm summer night. After gifting to me his autographed copy of the Young Benjamin's album (that he was clearly stoked about), a love for that band grew in me and I knew part of that was love for Taylor. Over a year later, after many long distance love letters, we are now living in a cozy apartment in Saskatoon-dropping anything to dance at a Young Benjamin's show. Our passion for music and daily kitchen dance parties to CBC Drive continues to reignite the love that sparked on that wonderful evening at Regina Folk Festival! Thanks for the love, RFF! Xo"

Congratulations Hannah!